FAQ – Dokdokter

What is Dokdokter?
Dokdokter is a service that helps patients find doctors, dentists and other health providers You can also book appointments online without having to place phone calls. The service is completely free.
Can I use Dokdokter to book an appointment with any medical center in Indonesia?
Not yet, but that is what we are working on. We are constantly adding new medical centers to our service to offer you the best access to doctors. The doctors that you can currently book through Dokdokter are ones that have passed our controls and decided to associate with us. For the rest, we offer their contact number, to book directly with them through the phone.
Is Dokdokter completely free for patients?
Yes! Dokdokter is completely free for patients. Please, keep in mind that our services are completely independent from any costs that are associated to the doctor's visit. If you're not sure of how much the doctor's visit will cost you, we encourage you to check in with your health provider first.
How much will my doctor's visit cost?
That is a great question to be discussed directly with your health provider or insurance company! If you have any questions about the cost of the visit, we suggest you call your provider first.
Is Dokdokter available in other languages?
Both doctors and patients can use the site in English and Bahasa.
How can I book an appointment?
You only have to go to the home page, enter a location, and click on "Find Doctors". Once there, you can filter your search, and find your doctor. To book an appointment, you only need to click on an available slot in the doctor's schedule, and once the process is completed, you'll receive an e-mail confirming the date.
How do I know that my booking is complete?
If you've reached a page confirming your booking has been reserved, then your booking is complete. You will also receive an e-mail confirming the booking.
What happens if my appointment is cancelled by the doctor's office?
Sometimes, a doctor can have a last minute emergency. In these exceptional cases, we will send you an e-mail as soon as possible, to find a new schedule for your appointment.
How do I log in?
You only have to click here and choose the login method you first use to register. If you're a new patient, just click on “Join now for free” to create an account.
What if I need to reschedule an appointment?
You only need to enter your Dokdokter account to change your programmed appointments.
How can I see my previous appointments?
You just need to log into your Dokdokter account and view them in your dashboard.